A Leading
Commercial Door Hardware Supplier

From Hinges to Pivots
and Panic Bars, We Have the Hardware You Need

We carry and provide service and repair for all types of hardware, no matter what your need may be. CESS is proud to carry the very best in door hardware, including the top brands in card access control systems, electronic access pads, automatic push pads for greater accessibility, and panic bars for emergency exits.

We provide the best:

  • Door closers and accessories
  • Stops and door holders
  • Locks, latches, and strikes
  • High-quality mail slots
  • Glass partition clips
  • Durable thresholds
  • Security grille hardware
  • And much more

Custom Hardware Solutions

As a special service to our customers, we are happy to order or custom-build specialized hardware designed to meet your needs. This is an excellent way to add a personal touch to a building entrance or to the existing commercial glass doors on your storefront. Customized hardware is also an excellent opportunity to improve on accessibility and design considerations, creating a unique solution tailored to the needs of your customers and employees.

Contact us today to learn more about the range of specialized hardware and customization options CESS provides to our customers – you won’t be disappointed!